COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Data

Data are reported based on the date IDPH receives vaccination reports from providers.  Providers are to report as soon as practicable, but reporting can be delayed as much as 72 hours, which can lead to a lag between vaccines delivered to Illinois and vaccines administered.

Data is provisional. Last Updated: ##/##/####

Illinois Vaccination Data

Total Illinois Doses


Total Administered Doses


LTC Allocated Doses


LTC Administered Doses


Vaccine Administration 7-Day Rolling Average


*Long-term care vaccinations are being administered through a federal government Pharmacy Partnership Program.  Data are reported to Illinois bi-weekly and will be updated as we receive it 

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% Population Fully Vaccinated


  Vaccination Details


Administered Vaccine Doses

  Reported Administered Vaccine Doses



# Population Fully Vaccinated


% Population Fully Vaccinated



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Vaccine Inventory Reporting

Inventory Last Reported: ##/##/####


7 Day Avg Doses Administered


Total Reported Inventory


Reported Inventory at Local Health Department


Reported Inventory at Community Partners


Statewide Unusable COVID-19 Vaccine Doses

Reported to the Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (I-CARE)

Last Reported: ##/##/####


COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Wasted

Data to be updated weekly on Wednesday.

Vaccine wastage is generally defined as the number of doses discarded in opened or unopened vaccine vials that are not used to vaccinate an eligible individuals. This could be due to a dropped syringe, temperature deviation, expiration of the vaccine at its stored temperature, or other issues in the storage and handling process.

Race/Ethnicity Demographics


Age Demographics


Gender Demographics


Jurisdiction-Specific Age Demographics

Percent of Age Group Population Fully Vaccinated

County LHD Reported Inventory Community Based Sites Inventory Total Reported Inventory Administered Vaccines Administration 7-Day Rolling Avg. Persons Fully Vaccinated Population % Population Fully Vaccinated
Data Definitions

State-level Vaccination Summary

Total Doses – This is the total number of vaccine doses received in Illinois. This number includes doses allocated to Long-Term Care facilities, Retail Pharmacies, as well as doses shipped directly to providers and the Illinois Department of Public Health Strategic National Stockpile.

LTC Allocated Doses-This is a subset of Delivered Doses that were shipped directly to Long-Term Care Facilities from the Federal Government.

Total Administered Doses – This is the total number of doses (i.e. shots in arms) that have been reported to IDPH.

LTC Administered Doses – This is a subset of Vaccine Administered Doses that were administered to staff and residents in a Long-Term Care setting

Administered Vaccines data details

Administered vaccines are reported as doses based on the individual’s county of residence. Some vaccines may be administered to people working in Illinois who live out-of-state. These vaccines will be included in the Illinois state total, but not in county-level totals. The Illinois-Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange (I-CARE) is the reporting system for automated submission of vaccine administration records. IL residents that are vaccinated in other states are not included in the Illinois total. Vaccines administered are reported by the number of doses and the number of people who are fully vaccinated.

Some vaccines require multiple doses over several weeks.  Therefore, the number of doses will not equal the number of persons fully vaccinated. A person is considered to be fully vaccinated based on the type of vaccine.  Initially available vaccines require 2 doses, but later vaccines may only require one dose.

The daily number of administered vaccines is reported based on the date IDPH receives the vaccination report and not the date of administration. COVID-19 vaccination providers must document vaccine administration in their medical record systems within 24 hours of administration, and use their best efforts to report administration data to the relevant system for the jurisdiction (i.e., IIS) as soon as practicable and no later than 72 hours after administration.

Population is defined as the entire population of the county. While vaccinations are currently limited to priority populations based on phases developed by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), eligibility will expand as more vaccine becomes available in Illinois.

Illinois COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index Scores By County

Find how Vulnerability Index scores are created here.

County CCVI Score Socioeconomic Status Household Composition Disability Housing Type Transportation Epidemiological Factors Healthcare System Factors