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Are Illinois hospitals ready to care for patients with Ebola?
  • Each hospital is responsible for applying the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) infection control and screening recommendations.
  • Hospitals that follow CDC’s infection control recommendations and properly isolate a patient in a private room can safely manage a patient with Ebola.
  • Hospital staff routinely follows procedures to prevent infections such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, gowns, masks etc.) and other protective gear so that they don’t come in contact with blood or other body fluids of an infected patient.  Hospitals will follow proper infection control protocols, and will maintain the ill patient in an isolated room.
What would IDPH do if there was a case of Ebola in Illinois?
  • IDPH, local health departments, hospitals, and clinics have surveillance systems in place to identify suspect Ebola cases.
  • The case would be isolated and cared for at a hospital, and contacts of the case will be closely monitored to see if they develop symptoms of the disease.
What is the treatment for Ebola?
  • Supportive therapy is the standard treatment for Ebola patients.  This includes:
    • Balancing fluids and electrolytes
    • Maintaining oxygen and blood pressure
    • Treating for any complicating infections

      Some patients infected with Ebola virus do get better spontaneously or with supportive care

  • An experimental treatment, ZMapp, is currently being evaluated in a clinical trial.  If the drug is found to be safe and effective at treating Ebola, it may be used during future outbreaks.
What is contact tracing?
  • Contact tracing is the process of finding everyone who comes into direct contact with a sick Ebola patient.  Contacts are monitored for 21 days (the maximum length of the incubation period) to see if they develop symptoms of the disease.  If the contact develops fever or other symptoms of Ebola, they are immediately isolated and provided care, and the cycle begins again – all of the new patient’s contacts are found and monitored for 21 days.
What is quarantine and isolation?
  • Quarantine means keeping an exposed individual away from others, even before symptoms have developed.  Isolation means keeping a sick person away from others.  Many times these terms are used interchangeably.
Can the State of Illinois order a person to be isolated or quarantined?
  • Voluntary compliance is preferred, but if an exposed person does not voluntarily comply, public health authorities can issue an “order” for isolation or quarantine.
  • Local health departments have the responsibility for issuing and enforcing orders.  A governor’s proclamation is not needed to issue or enforce isolation or quarantine orders.