Alternative Health Care Delivery

Birthing Centers – alternative health care delivery models that are exclusively dedicated to serving the childbirth-related needs of women and their newborns and has no more than 10 beds.  A birthing center is a designated site that is away from the mother's usual place of residence in which births are planned to occur following a normal, uncomplicated, and low-risk pregnancy.
Community Based Children’s Health Care Center—a designated site that provides nursing care, clinical support services, and therapies for a period of one to 14 days for short-term respite care stays and one to 120 days to facilitate transitions to home or other appropriate settings for medically fragile children, technology dependent children, and children with special health care needs who are deemed clinically stable by a physician and are younger than 22 years of age.  This care is to be provided in a home-like environment that serves no more than 12 children at a time.
Community Based Residential Rehabilitation Center—a designated site that provides rehabilitation or support, or both, for persons who have experienced severe brain injury, who are medically stable, and who no longer require acute rehabilitation care or intense medical or nursing services. 
Postsurgical Recovery Care—a designated site which provides postsurgical recovery care for generally healthy patients undergoing surgical procedures that require overnight nursing care, pain control, or observation that would otherwise be provided in an inpatient setting.
Subacute Care—the provision of inpatient services in a subacute care hospital model for patients who need a greater intensity or complexity of care than generally provided in a skilled nursing facility but who no longer require the stabilization or treatment provided in acute hospital care.  Subacute care includes physician supervision, registered nursing and physiological monitoring on a continual basis.


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