Emergency Procedures

Assistance for after-hour emergencies (e.g., human exposure to a potentially rabid animal) is available through the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) statewide emergency response system. In these special cases, arrangements can be made to submit samples/specimens or to report public health emergencies by calling the following:
Within Illinois                                                        217-782-7860
Outside Springfield area                                 800-782-7860
TTY (hearing impaired use only)                 800-547-0466
Ask to be directed to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s emergency officer. They can provide you further instructions. If warranted, the emergency officer will arrange to have the closest Illinois Department of Public Health laboratory open to receive the samples/specimens and to begin testing that same day.
If a natural or other emergency event causes the closure of one laboratory within the division, testing services may be transferred to another laboratory within the division. In this way, surge capacity for division is provided by other Illinois Department of Public Health laboratories or through contractual arrangements with other private or public facilities.