Identified Offenders Program

To prevent abuse and promote the safety of residents, staff, and visitors from the risk of harm posed by residents with criminal backgrounds, Illinois’ long-term care facilities are required to conduct a background screening on all new admissions and notify the Illinois Department of Public Health of those who have committed qualifying offenses.  For residents who are identified offenders, the Illinois State Police conducts a criminal investigation while a Forensic Psychologist conducts a risk assessment.  A final report is issued to the long term care facility with the resident’s risk profile to help provide guidance in developing a care plan for the offender.

To initiate a background screening, facilities must:

  1. Request a criminal history background through the State Police Criminal History Information Response Process:  
  2. Review the State Police Sex Offender Registry:
  3. Review the Department of Corrections Parole Sex Offender Registry:

If the criminal history background lists any conviction that meets the definition of an Identified Offender (see “laws and rules” section), or if the sex offender registry returns a result for the prospective resident, then the facility must notify the Illinois Department of Public Health Identified Offenders Program by submitting the following documents to the program, by fax, to (312) 814-2757:

  1. Identified Offender Information Form
  2. Fingerprint Consent Form
  3. Criminal History Background

Please review the data submission instructions listed under the resources heading in the column to the right prior to submitting an admission or discharge request.